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South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League
Welcome to the South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League. Est. 2001

Message from the ACO Chairman

Due to the popularity of   ACO Level 1  recent weekend course we are running two more.

One is for the weekend 11/12 Feb and the second one is weekend 18/19.

Rotherham Phoenix are very kind to all cricket in the area when it comes to meetings. They are not a charitable agency, they are a business and we must pay the going rate for rooms when we need them for full weekends.

The rate is £50 per day which we, the ACO educational team think is excellent value for money.

We feel to pass this on to students may put some off as the courses are already £50 each.

We are looking for clubs, club officials or any individual to sponsor half a day at £25, a full day at £45 and two days at £80.

It is so important we buck the national trend which is showing a massive fall back in encouraging umpires to take up the white coat.

If you at all interested please contact Alan Farnell on 07632 621893 or me on 077610622263.

Thank You

Terry Bentham (ACO SY Chairman)

South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League Management Meetings 2016/2017

Thursday 2nd February

Thursday 2nd March

Thursday 30th March

All meetings unless otherwise stated will take place from 7:30 pm at :-

Phoenix Sports and Social Club
Pavilion Way 
S60 5PA

Pre-season Delegates Meeting & Annual General Meeting 

Wednesday 6th April 2016 & Monday 14th November 2016 at 7:30 pm respectively.

Phoenix Sports and Social Club
Pavilion Way 
S60 5PA

South Yorkshire Senior Cricket Committee Meetings 2016/2017

Thursday 19th January

Thursday 16th February

Thursday 16th March

Thursday 13th April

All meetings unless otherwise stated will take place from 7:30 pm at :-

Phoenix Sports and Social Club
Pavilion Way 
S60 5PA

Presentation League Dinner
Saturday 11th November  2017


Best Western Consort Hotel 
S66 9AJ


Umpires Courses 2017

The courses are:-

Doncaster Cricket club, 7 weeks duration commencing on Sunday, January 8th 7pm Sheffield Transport Club, Meadowhead, 7 week duration commencing Thursday, January 19th 7-15pm Rotherham Phoenix, a full weekend course Sat and Sun 14th and 15th of January.

Contact Alan Farnell Emai: or Mobile No: 07932 621893


Watch the Video then Register with which can be done from

 any Play-Cricket Club or League Website

Welcome to the South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League. Est. 2001


Dear Maurice,


Having been a 20 year club and league volunteer myself, I understand how at times working in cricket can be a tireless job. In an attempt to support you, we've put together the following insight summary using some of the best practice from across England and Wales that might help you input into some key league decisions for next year.


One such initiative has been the National Cricket Player Survey which has been conducted over the past 5 years, to learn more about what they like and dislike about the game of cricket. Over 18,400 players and volunteers wanted their voice heard this year which is encouraging and also highlights how important it is that we, those that run the game, continue to listen.


Sharing their feedback with you now is timely with many upcoming AGMs. Unsurprisingly, the highest levels of satisfaction have come from leagues where players and volunteers feel like they’ve been listened to. These are leagues that let their actions speak louder than words.


At the bottom of this email you’ll find a link to the League Blueprint as part of the Get the Game On campaign. Familiarising yourself with this interactive document, featuring common feedback from players, may assist you when making important decisions for your competitions in 2017.


I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge the efforts of everyone charged with running our leagues and clubs in 2016. You make the game of cricket what it is and if we continue to share insight and work as one, cricket will continue to be an integral part of local communities.


Matt Dwyer


Director Participation & Growth





Time is precious

Players are telling us that they are time poor with other areas of their lives demanding attention. Specifically, they have indicated a desire for:


  • Shorter formats to be an option
  • Less than 30 minutes travel time
  • Win/Loss results from fixtures


Are you considering any changes for next year to better suit your players?



High player drop-off: 14-19yrs

We understand that it’s difficult to retain players aged 14-19. 35% of players in this age range in 2015 did not return in 2016. The U19 T20 competition has proved successful in providing a format to keep youngsters in the game with 97% of players ‘at risk’ saying they want to play in 2017.


Have you considered creating an U19s T20 team next year?



Generational differences

Players aged below 35 make up 72% of the cricket playing population, yet only represent 21% of league and club administrators.


Are you relating to the majority of your players?

Have you seen our new Digital Toolkit?



Players are expecting more

Players have told us that they want their voice heard and expect bigger and deeper changes to be made. Only 48% believe that they’ve been listened to by their league.


How can you provide more opportunities for your players to have input on important decisions?



Volunteers need to be recognised more

Volunteers are the heartbeat of any club and continue to need acknowledgement from you and us.In particular, the more bar staff, junior coordinators, ground staff and secretaries are recognised, the higher their satisfaction is.


What are you plans for acknowledging your volunteers in 2017?



Get the Game On makes an impact

Leagues that implemented Get the Game On suggestions played and completed 3% more games than those that didn't in 2016.


Are you familiar with the ideal League Blue Print? Are your Captains part of the Captains' Club?



Click here to view the online version of this email


The England and Wales Cricket Board, Lord's Cricket Ground, London, NW8 8QZ


If you would no longer like to receive these emails, please click here



Terry Bentham and Jonathan Crabtree



Click on image to enlarge get the large poster and ECB guidence motes

Mission Statement

To promote, encourage and maintain cricket in South Yorkshire

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to ensure that cricket in South Yorkshire continues to be enjoyed by all clubs, players and spectators through competitive engagement within the spirit of cricket. 

Established 7th November 2001

    Formerly known as The South Riding League 1947-2001

    Renamed South Yorkshire Cricket League 2002

    Member League of the Yorkshire Cricket Council 

Visit our History Site at: 

South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League Honours Board

We would like to encourage all players, supporters and club officials to register with the site and discuss any issues through the forum facility. Contact details of committee members can be found in the 'About Us' section.

Cherwell Reporting System

Marks are only required for SYSCL Championship, Divisions 1 and 2.


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ECB Player Registration Schematic


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